We use your name like an amulet

to conjure the good times

and ward off the forces of despair.

“When Jeff comes to visit,” we say,

“we will have so much fun.”

Everything will be better, brighter, bigger.

“When Jeff comes to visit,

we will go Here, we will go There.”

We can’t truly go


without You.

“When Jeff comes to visit,

We will do This, we will do That.”

We don’t truly do


without You.


Beer in one hand, shot in the other,

your staff and scepter,

You are myth, an urban legend

we tell to strangers, to amaze and

impress them.

We tell of

your unrivalled

drinking prowess,

your madness,

your charm.

We may lose faith in

ourselves, in America, in God

But we will never lose faith

in You.



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