Where did evolution take so wrong a turn we ended up here?
Should we have taken that left at Albuquerque?

We are cartoons, caricatures of animals, scratching out existences far removed from the realities of eating, sheltering, reproducing.

Curiosity and ambition, qualities highly prized in an individualistic society, have saturated the gene pool, resulting in a world drowning in technology.

It is not all bad. Many technological advances seek to establish a human existence more in harmony with nature, to restore Mother Earth to the health she enjoyed before housing so many destructive hooligans who gave her no thought as they went about their play. Others seek to escape her embrace, to take their games out into the galaxy, to spread our madness among the stars. Won’t the rest of the universe love that? I can hear ET now, “Oh, no. Don’t look. Here they come. Loud, rude, leaving their trash everywhere. And they bite.” Something similar to what Canadians might say if  thousands of Americans try to emigrate to the north.

Technology has also been a great boon to communication. We can talk to people half-way around the world, learn each other’s languages with greater ease, share thoughts and images, inform the outside that there might be truths other than those touted by official channels. The great irony and tragedy is that every new avenue for communication is a new opportunity for miscommunication. We create something to bind us closer together, and it pushes us further apart. Perhaps we should never have started speaking in the first place.